APCDCoin info

APCDCoin is the main accepted payment for all current and future APCDC Domains.
Currently our used domains are


APCDC.Online will hold normal merchandise such as
Electronics, Movies, Drones, software & more.

Onestopchronic.shop is everything marijuana.
Seeds, hydropoics, presses, grow journals etc.

Porn4you.online (self explanitory)
porn4you.online was created for proof of use. Initially we did not plan on anything PORN related but it was easiest case for proof of use. I am still unsure if porn4you.online will persist as I do not want APCDC to be considered an ADULT ONLY coin and the attachment directly to pornography can hurt APCDC image down the road. Even though we have limited content currently.

User will be able to host there own stores for digital items & those who have been verified will be allowed to sell physical goods.

APCDCoin was created with fair staking for all in mind. APCDC has a set stake reward of 1. It does not matter if our users have 100,000 APCDC or 10 APCDC there rewards are the same.
APCDCoin also employs split stake. This feature increases the rewards possible for all users since every time a user stakes there input is split resulting in more stakeable inputs. (in turn this helps the chain keep moving along at a good pace)

Users can sell/trade there stake rewards or hold and continue to stake until they have enough APCDC to purchase goods & services.

500K APCDC Premine information
100k First round Airdrops (completed)
100k Second round Airdrops (started 2 days ago) Second round is being distributed via referral & faucet system with a 6 hour timer. Faucet reward is 5 APCDC and 2.5 APCDC every time a referred user uses the faucet.
83k Held for purchasing seeds & goods for onestopchronic.shop
83k Held for purchasing goods for APCDC.Online
50k Bounties & rewards
41k To exchange for listing, Exchange airdrops
41k For developer

There is most likely tons of missing information. If I have missed something crucial please ask.
For more information regarding APCDC visit the below link